Switch To DIRECTV In Pasadena Texas.

  • 3 months of HBO Max®, Cinemax,® SHOWTIME,® STARZ® and EPIX® included at no extra charge.
  • Free premium channels
  • Genie® HD DVR included

Price Guaranteed for first 2 years

Starts From


for 24 months plus taxes and fees.

w/ 24-mo. agmt. Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies. Requires AutoPay

and Paperless Bill.

*New approved residential customers only. Early agmt termination fee applies ($20/mo.) & add’l fee(s) applies if equip. not returned. Restr’s apply. Credit card req’d (except MA & PA). Price incl. TV Pkg & equip. fees for first TV.

Charges may apply for each add’l connected TV. 

*Add’l Terms for Satellite customers: $19.95 activation & equipment lease req’d.

Upgrade your entertainment experience with DIRECTV in Pasadena, Texas.

DIRECTV offers unmatched home entertainment in Pasadena, Texas. As the leading provider of satellite television services, Satellite TV Local provide a diverse range of channel bundles to suit every preference. 

From blockbuster movies to exclusive sports coverage and must-see TV series, our crystal-clear image quality and immersive sound make every moment come alive. You can record, pause, and play on-demand content with cutting-edge HD DVR technology. 

Our committed team also provides excellent client service, from installation to continuous support. Enhance your viewing experience with DIRECTV Pasadena, where the finest entertainment awaits.

What's the Advantage Of DIRECTV in Pasadena, Texas? 

You can record shows or live events on your DIRECTV Genie DVR and view them when convenient. No more rushing home to watch the game or scheduling your evening around your favorite nightly show.

Start your service immediately by calling today to schedule a standard professional installation in your house. Choose from the many DIRECTV packages and any add-ons you want, and then schedule an experienced technician to install the satellite. You may start viewing your favorite shows and events right away.

  • Extensive selection of channels and programming
  • Exclusive sports coverage
  • Crystal-clear picture quality
  • Advanced HD DVR technology
  • Dedicated customer service support

Maximize Your Savings: DIRECTV Offers in Pasadena, TX.

Upgrade your entertainment experience with DIRECTV and save big in Pasadena, TX. 

With our competitive pricing and special packages, you'll receive more for less, putting every dollar toward excellent entertainment.

  • Access to a variety of channel packages at moderate pricing.
  • Special promotional deals and discounts are offered to new subscribers.
  • Bundling options with internet and phone services for more savings.
  • Professional experts provide free installations.
  • There is no need to purchase equipment or pay hidden costs, ensuring transparency and value for money.

Why Switch To DIRECTV Today?

On-Demand Content

Whether you missed the most recent episode of your favorite series or want to catch up on the latest blockbuster releases, you can quickly browse and stream on-demand video using your DIRECTV receiver or the DIRECTV app. There is always something new to explore, as new titles are added on a regular basis.

Reliability & Signal Quality

DIRECTV provides dependable service and excellent signal quality, even in inclement weather. Our innovative satellite technology provides minimum interruptions and crystal-clear picture and sound, resulting in a seamless watching experience.

Convenient Mobile Application

The DIRECTV app allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies on the go. Whether you're at home or on the go, the app lets you stream live TV, browse on-demand content, and remotely operate your DVR using your smartphone or tablet, giving you complete freedom and convenience.

DIRECTV: Your Premier Destination for High-Quality HD Entertainment.

DIRECTV is the pinnacle of HD satellite television, delivered straight to your door for unequaled convenience. Enjoy fantastic picture quality and immersive sound as you immerse yourself in a world of entertainment from the comfort of your own home. Satellite TV Local committed to providing you with the finest in-home entertainment, including a diverse channel lineup, cutting-edge technology, and excellent customer service. Improve your watching experience today with DIRECTV's HD satellite television service.

Contact your satellite TV experts today!


Package That’s Right For You

_New customers can enjoy a 2-year price guarantee!

_Monthly equipment fees for up to four rooms

_ HD DVR monthly service fee

Why Choose DIRECTV?

Extensive Channel Selection

DIRECTV has a vast range of channels, including sports, movies, news, and entertainment, so there's something for everyone in the family. Our roster, which includes local favorites as well as premium networks such as HBO and SHOWTIME, appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences, providing infinite entertainment alternatives.

Cutting-edge Technology

Experience television like never before with DIRECTV's cutting-edge technology. Our Genie HD DVR allows you to record multiple shows at once, pause live TV, and access on-demand material. With 4K Ultra HD picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound, you'll get an immersive watching experience that brings your favorite shows and movies to life.

Exclusive Sport Coverage

DIRECTV provides unique access to leading sports networks such as ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, and others, which delights sports enthusiasts. Never miss a game, event, or tournament with our complete sports packages, which include live coverage, analysis, and highlights from all over the world.

Paperless Billing.

Choose from a range of bundles and bundling options to tailor your entertainment experience to your specific needs and budget. With customizable pricing plans and the opportunity to bundle TV with internet and phone services, you can experience excellent entertainment at a low cost.

Family Friendly.

Get DIRECTV channel packages for the entire family, including a large selection of family-appropriate, age-relevant movies and TV shows. With installation options and optional features, parents can also have (more) control over what their children can watch.

Superior Customer Service

DIRECTV prioritizes client pleasure beyond all things. Our specialized team of professionals is here to help you with anything from installation to troubleshooting, assuring a smooth and hassle-free process. Whether you have concerns regarding your service or require technical assistance, Satellite TV Local is here to help you every step of the way.

Try Premium Networks On Us.

Enjoy your first 3 months of premium networks–HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax® and MGM+TM (formerly EPIX®)—with the ENTERTAINMENT through ULTIMATE packages.That’s a $160 value, included on us.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What channel packages does DIRECTV provide in Pasadena, Texas?

Ans. DIRECTV provides a number of channel packages based on individual preferences, such as entertainment, sports, movies, and more. From essential to luxury alternatives, there is something for everyone.

Q2. Can I combine DIRECTV with internet and phone service?

Ans. Yes, DIRECTV provides bundling options for internet and phone services to increase savings and convenience. Contact us to learn about potential bundle packages in Pasadena, TX.

Q3. What are the DIRECTV installation alternatives in Pasadena?

Ans. DIRECTV offers expert installation services by qualified technicians to ensure a smooth setup process. Self-installation kits may also be provided for people who prefer to do their own installation.

Q4. Does DIRECTV provide 4K Ultra HD programming in Pasadena?

Ans. Yes, DIRECTV delivers 4K Ultra HD programming, which provides viewers with outstanding picture quality and improved viewing experiences on compatible TVs and content.

Q5. How can I get on-demand programming with DIRECTV?

Ans. DIRECTV provides on-demand content through both your receiver and the DIRECTV app. Simply browse the on-demand library to locate movies, programs, and exclusive programming to watch at your leisure.

Q6. Which sports channels are available with DIRECTV in Pasadena?

Ans. DIRECTV offers a diverse selection of sports channels, including ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, and others, assuring complete coverage of your favorite sports and teams.

Q7. Are there any hidden costs with DIRECTV?

Ans. DIRECTV takes pride in offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees. The pricing of your plan and any additional services will be explicitly stated before you sign up.

Q8. Can I watch DIRECTV from my mobile device?

Ans. Yes, you can watch DIRECTV from your mobile device using the DIRECTV app. The app lets you stream live TV, browse on-demand content, and remotely manage your DVR, giving you complete control.

Q9. What distinguishes DIRECTV from other TV providers in Pasadena, Texas?

Ans. DIRECTV stands out for its diverse channel lineup, cutting-edge technology, low price, excellent customer service, and convenient features such as on-demand programming and mobile app access.


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